Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Developing UC in Teachers

Products, Process and People

In my previous blog entry The Unconscious Integration of ICT into the Classroom I discussed the need for us to be Unconsciously Competent - UC.

So how do we become UC? What is the process? (Question: What type of competency question is this?)

Because we are all at different stages of competency we need products and processes in place that meet the needs of the individual person.

One process that will address this need is:
1)      Introduction of New or Emerging Technology (NET) to staff
2)      Self-Assessment of competency in the New or Emerging Technology
3)      Access products that will develop the specific skills required by the individual
4)      Practise

Products that will address the needs of the individual are Just-In-Time tutorials (JIT-t). JIT-t allow individuals to learn anytime, anywhere and at any pace. There are basically three types of JIT-t:
1)      Text based (text books, hand outs, blogs, etc.) JIT-tt
2)      Audio based (podcasts, audio CDs, etc.) JIT-at
3)      Video based (podcasts, screencasts, etc.) JIT-vt

Now that we have an idea of the process and products we need to put the right people in place to develop the tutorials. We need to encourage teachers who are working at the CC or UC levels to build capacity in their schools.

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